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Dubai destination events incentives skyscrapers & camels

Wedding in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai often flies under the radar as a destination wedding, but it offers so much.

  • Ten months of perfect weather (two months are just too hot ~ high season Oct-May)

  • Over 100 5* hotels to choose from

  • Romantic sunsets

  • Desert weddings

  • Weddings of all religions are legal

  • Easily accessible by flight from around the world

  • No problem to use local/international kosher catering and chefs rs.

An Unforgettable 


The Girls Go Shopping

Fashionista? Stylist? This is the one for you. Grab your friends and come shopping. The Emirates is home to the biggest and most fashionable malls in the world; luxury shopping boulevards, chic boutiques, vibrant markets, and of course all the worlds leading designers are here for you.

Dubai has become one of the fashion capitals of the world offering a wealth of style and vision. Rapidly becoming THE shopping destination for anyone who is serious about fashion, it is the perfect place to come for wardrobe inspiration.  

Fast & Furious  


​If you love the rush of adrenaline, if extreme sports is your go-to, then this is the package for you. From Hummer to helicopter, seaplane to Kawasaki, let us give you life in the fast lane. Drive a racing car, descend the world's longest and fastest Omega, play polo on camels and experience off-road driving in the desert. And that’s just the beginning!

For anyone who wants the chance to live on the edge for a few days, this is for you.  

From Skyscrapers to Spices

Ahlan wa Sahlan and welcome to the fascinating and unforgettable UAE.  The bigger we dreamed the bigger we built. Rooted in the ancient cultures of the Middle East with its magnificent mosques, local customs and vibrant markets comes the realization of a city built by visionaries - breathtaking  architecture, archipelagos ,opulent malls and magnificent hotels nestle alongside the customs and traditions of this ancient heritage. The Emirates promises an experience like no other as you move between the ultimate modern urban experience to the wilds of a desert safari.   

5 perfect days of shopping  

5 days of extreme & action 

Because now we can

Emirates Dubai skyscrapers tour for architects group tours incentives

Above the 163rd Floor

​Only for the brave! Experience  a bird's eye view of Dubai with a trip at  high altitude. A helicopter flight, a balloon ride, a meal on the top floor of the tallest building in the world, The longest omega ride, parachuting and more - you will see breathtaking views as the whole world unfolds at your feet.

5 days of attitude and altitude

The Art of Skyscrapers

Architects, city planners and photographers, it’s time to be inspired. For over a decade, Dubai has been home to the highest skyline in the Middle East. It has pushed the boundaries of modern urban design far beyond anything the world has seen. How this city evolved, what makes it unique and how, with its eyes on the future, it plans to sustain this vision, is the story most people never get to hear.

Meet local architects who will share their role in the architectural development of the city.

4 Days of Towering Inspiration

Of M.I.C.E.  (& Men & Incentives​)

We understand the importance of your company's meeting and corporate incentives and we take it all on. From airport to airport with everything in between, our hospitality team happily handles incentives and groups of all sizes.

The Emirates experience is truly unlike any other destination on so many levels, let us help you achieve your business objectives and goals with an unforgettable incentive.

From 3 days   

Looking for something that's not on our menu?

We'd love to cook something up just for you.

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